"All the Good News That's Fit for Views "

"All the Good News That's Fit for Views "

"All the Good News That's Fit for Views ""All the Good News That's Fit for Views ""All the Good News That's Fit for Views "

JJ Flash & MJ at TPUSA & CPAC

Glenn Beck with The Good News Network crew


Looking forward to the future



JJ Flash, Don Trump Jr, & Kimberly


CBJ owner John Di Lemme, Mark Levin at Mar a Lago


Great interview at Trump National


Roger Stone & JJ Flash at Trump National


JJ & Rudy discuss Operation Mockingbird


One promise to be delivered


JJ Flash & Matt Gaetz


Winner's never Quit, and Quitter's never Win !


Pam Bondi joins the Trump Train


Featured Celebrities & Stories


Fox News Pete Hegseth

JJ & Pete rock the Trump rallies with great Political instincts



George Sorial

JD interview with George Sorial, President Trump's right hand man and RE lawyer and his book The Real Deal



Melanie Tipton


Trump Train News Media Producer, Marketing Director & Web Developer  Associated Press Award Winner. 

Broadcast Media Professional 



Jon L & Bob Netolicky

Good News Network Legends cover Trump Rallies &CPAC in DC



JJ Flash & Rep Jim Jordan

Congressman & Legendary wrestler Jim Jordan nails Hilary Clinton on Benghazi



MJ & Sara Carter

When facts matter 



Sidney Powell & JJ at CPAC

Federal Prosecutor & Gen Flynn lawyer's T "Creeps on a Mission"



Weyce Productions

Jesus, MJ, JD, Julio,JJ, Stacy



GNN's Jon Greene

Jon handles CPAC & the DC Bureau with great Political instincts


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Managing Your Brand

Our job is to help you tell the story you want to tell. Your brand is not just your visual image, but an entire package of visuals, media interaction, digital marketing, and creative positioning. If you feel like your business, voice or Foundation isn't attaining the levels of recognition or success it should, then you need us.

JJ Flash, Eddie & Sergio sign Jeff Johnson's perfect copy of the Constitution of the USA at TP-SAS

Creative Work

Your conservative voice & business is always looking for what is around the corner. And we believe that a creative approach to your marketing is the best way to show that. Our creative team can provide graphic design, animation, event strategy, and innovative web design. Let us come up with a dynamic and exciting way to tell your Good News story.


Media Planning

From public relations work to media buys, we have you covered. Media relations is a huge part of your brand. Part of that comes from building public trust through events and social media. Another part comes from media buy-outs for big announcements. Our team can cover both of these approaches and help you reach your biggest audience to date.

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JJ Flash, Executive Producer

JJ Flash is the founder & visionary  of The GNN. The name of the game is to export America 1st Agenda!  Promote Positive President Trump News, Entertainment & conservative views & values through out the world.  JJ is all Passion as our lead strategist  JJ began his career in media as the youngest advisor to Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, Attorney General Louie Lefkowitz, and President Nixon in New York . JJ developed a passion for politics & media during his job helping win 6 consecutive Republican elections in NY for his father's Boss, Attorney General Louis J. Lefkowitz. 


Nancy Drew, Director of Intrigue

Nancy Drew came to GNN from a marketing & Hedge fund firm in New York, where she spent 16+ years in management , writing and undercover reporting. She will be managing the creatives who will design your graphics, edit videos, and design/build your websites. She believes that the story you tell visually is powerfully influential in shaping political realities & perspectives.


Rev Dan & Laurel Videography

Rev Dan & Laurel B joined us from a top team in Palm Beach & can help your message rise to the top.  Tireless workers to go that extra mile to get the jobs done. True American Patriots ! We can increase your followers on social media with positive posts designed to stop the fake news.

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